The team at Poiotes is happy to announce the launch of eBook “The Poiotes Book of Thoughts and Words on Transformational Change;” a compilation of 700 quotations and proverbs around transformational change.


Imagine waking up one fine day and finding “Ed,” “Jack,” “Yogi,” and “Red” in your living room. Imagine listening to all that these great minds have to share. Imagine realizing that most of what they say is complete common sense, yet not common practice. Imagine being able to talk to them everyday, and then incorporating everything that they say and do into your everyday life, professional or personal; leading to a transformational change!

For the last fifteen years or so, I have been plowing through a variety of literature—some great books, videos, and some excellent biographies of some of the brightest minds in our century. They have helped me to resolve my life’s dilemmas and have given me an introspective, and wholly new and positive perspective on a great many things. My personal gain from these inspiring and, often, witty thoughts prompted me to put them together for larger consumption.

And what better way to hold words together than in a book? “Thoughts and Words” is a compilation of some brilliant quotations and proverbs across three editions. The first edition that you are seeing right now is a collection of around 700 odd quotations, selected for their context, relevance, or pure wit, as related to the world of quality and transformational change at large. I have, personally, been inspired by many of these quotes at various points in my life. A lot of these thoughts have found their way into my client presentations, and have helped me put forth a point in a way in which I couldn’t have fathomed, otherwise.

It’s been my effort to include these words of wisdom so as to be applicable to a wide range of human situations and activities. With thoughts from many minds all wrapped inside one cover, I hope that this book will appeal to a Quality practitioner, as much as it does to a recreational reader.

So, here’s to a great dialogue with some of the greatest minds in history. Listen, Imbibe, and Spread the word!