About Us

Quality is what we all look and strive for in all areas of our lives—be it work, things we do, things we buy, our relationships, etc.; yet, when one says Quality as a profession, people often tend to back off, thinking that it is a very complicated ball game. Passionate about making people believe that it is simple at the heart of it, and it is a necessity, not a luxury, we looked at a simple nomenclature for the same. Hence the word “Poiotes.”

Poiotes is a simple nomenclature for quality in Greek. Greek poiotes (suchness) was calqued into Latin as qualitas; in English, however, we refrained from using the obvious calques ‘suchness’, and simply borrowed Quality from Latin.

At Poiotes Enterprise Solutions Private Limited, we offer transformational change practices, Lean Six Sigma deployment and execution through consultancy, training, systems facilitation, and managed quality services. We’re deeply committed to optimize the returns of our clients’ investments in their core resource: their People. We also offer customized solutions by ideating and implementing quality systems which create and nurture healthy and vibrant organizations.

At Poiotes we firmly believe that what sets apart exceptional from merely successful, is a rare ingredient—PASSION. It has its own energy, an energy that is observable and transferable and the team brings it to the table in abundance.

At Poiotes the team has an outstanding and proven track record in teaching, coaching, and mentoring in transformational change business strategy and Lean Six Sigma training, deployment, and execution. While working with teams we help identify critical gaps in their business strategy and at the same time, we generate enormous excitement, energy, and passion to actualize “Breakthrough” Improvements and Results.

The founder of Poiotes is Gagandeep S. Datta, a certified Master Black Belt and ex-Quality Head of WNS, an NYSE listed Indian company; and, ex-Black Belt of General Electric Company.